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New 7-Step Affiliate Marketing Formula by Affilify Shows You how to Start, Grow and Scale Your Online Business Even if You’re a complete Newbie & hate being glued to the monitor all day

I’m going to PROVE it’s possible to build, grow and scale a profitable business… WITHOUT a huge starting capital… loans… employees… stress… or being glued to the monitor all day.

Even better, I’m going to show you how our company helps both experienced and the newest “wannabe” entrepreneurs…

So they can leverage other people’s field-tested system… and break into high-ticket affiliate marketing. Even if this is the first time you hear about it.

Give me 20 minutes, and I’ll explain how you can use this 7-step formula to create a thriving business without spending a fortune upfront.

But note that this letter you’re reading is NOT a pitch. And we’re not here to talk about a new “business opportunity” you must buy into.

In fact, I’ll walk you through our 7-step process to build a real business and reveal our strategy real soon.

You’ll see the exact formula that got me from working a regular office job… to earning more than my yearly salary in a single month.

You’ll see the exact formula that allows our company to help just about any business owner create more profits and freedom in their business and life.

Of course, there’s an offer I’ll make you in the end… So you can join the freshest, invite-only Affilify class…

And do it through a great limited time deal with plenty of bonuses. It’s so you can learn the missing skills entrepreneurs need to unlock their full affiliate potential… and get our full support in doing so.

But even if you don’t want to take part of that, you’ll walk away with valuable knowledge…

On how to start, grow, and scale a profitable business without falling for the all-too common pitfalls of new entrepreneurs.

We will show you what makes it possible for almost any business to make thousands of dollars by making a single sale…

While automating most of the heavy-lifting and day-to-day tasks. Without having to bother with production, logistics, or even customer support.

Soon, you’ll understand why the affiliate marketing industry is still growing…

As it’s reaching towards $12 BILLION in 2019… accounting for 15% of ALL digital media revenue… and with impressive annual growth rate of 10% every single year.

But if you want to be part of that amazing growth…

If you want a slice of the multi-billion-dollar affiliate marketing pie…

You’ve got to be prepared and follow a proven strategy that guarantees high margins, plenty of advertising opportunities…

And most importantly, gives you a personal growth plan that’s going to keep you on track.

Because the truth is, most newbie

affiliate marketers fail…

If you want to know why, just take a look at what almost everyone is doing when they first try their luck in affiliate marketing…

It’s not their fault. They’re just following common, and often well-meant advice…

But it’s advice that based on what the big companies are doing. NOT what a newbie affiliate should be doing… And the results are disastrous…

Newbie affiliate marketers are trying to make a living by selling cheap products… for tiny commissions… spending a LOT on advertising.

I hope you see why that strategy is wrong.

As the click costs are rising all over the web… On Facebook, Google, YouTube, and all the big platforms…

And as customers are getting bombarded with more and more ads online…
This strategy is doomed.

Most entrepreneurs, especially new ones… can’t afford to lose hundreds of dollars to acquire a single customer.

Sure, big companies with massive back-end product lines can… But can you?
Can you afford to spend thousands of dollars up-front… without a guarantee it ever comes back to you?

If you’re like most new affiliates or small business owners, you can’t go around spending thousands on traffic… while selling $7 products for 10% — 20% commissions.

Not for long, anyway…

Because you’ll be likely spending $1 – $2 dollars per click… and only a few of those clicks will turn into paying customers.

And most of those paying customers won’t stick around for your next offer when you don’t have a proven strategy to make them stay…

So when you consider the math, this common affiliate marketing strategy sounds ridiculous…

Yet that’s the exact strategy most new affiliate marketers try to follow.

Consider that the next time you hear someone proclaim that affiliate marketing doesn’t work.

It may not work for them… Because of this all-too-common and fundamentally flawed strategy.

But the industry is alive and well!

It’s growing by 10% every single year.

And not a month goes by without new people becoming millionaires and joining the famous “2 Comma Club” of ambitious affiliates.

The “secret” is that they’re following a different path.

A path I’m about to show you…

Because the mistakes I’ve told you about so far lead straight to failure. Without a big marketing budget and precise online marketing skills you just can’t make it work.

But worry not… you’ll be better than that.

When you follow our advice you’ll become what we call a “High-Ticket Affiliate.”

As a High-Ticket Affiliate, you’ll do the exact opposite of what most newbies try to do.

You’ll be making a comfortable living… by selling EXPENSIVE offers… for HUGE commissions (sometimes given to you for the customer’s whole lifetime)…

All that while you’ll be spending comparatively TINY amounts on advertising.

Now this strategy sure sounds better, doesn’t it?

Let me explain how it works...

When you follow the Affilify strategy, you’ll avoid low-ticket and low-margin items like the plague.

Instead, your sole focus will be selling high-ticket, high-margin products. Such as online courses, masterminds, events, software, and more.

You’ll be making your customers lives easier in areas that matter the most to them. Because that’s where they’ll easily pay thousands of dollars as long as someone makes their problems go away.

And instead of chasing the latest trends and shiny objects, trying to make a few bucks on ebook sales?

You’ll have a solid strategy that you can keep following for the years to come.

And soon you’ll see how your dreams become a reality when you get the support you need. So you can take consistent action towards becoming a High-Ticket Affiliate.

For me, that meant going from a 9-5 office job, hating my weekdays…
To living in my favorite place in the world… working as much as I feel like… and bringing home more in a single month than what I was used to making in a year.

What’s more, I’m not glued to my screen all day. I actually get to enjoy my weekdays as well as my weekends.

All thanks to the systems I’ve built and the process I’ll show you next.

And I’m not the only one whose life was completely changed thanks to high-ticket affiliate marketing…

There are hundreds in my private community with more or less the same story.

There are thousands of people following me and my super affiliate friends’ advice… Because they’ve seen it work in their own business and life.

So if you’ve been thinking about building a new business… or just adding a profitable new income stream to your existing business…

This could be the change you are looking for.

So now, let me introduce you the proven system I’ve talked about… that will let you skip the problems most new affiliates face…

The 7-Step Affiliate Marketing Formula

To sell high-ticket affiliate offers…

Without having to bother with fulfillment, stress about margins, employees, or a huge monthly overhead.

With this formula, you’ll avoid the most common problems that keep regular business owners awake at night… and you’ll jump straight to growing a business with high margins, low risk, and almost zero start-up capital.

It’s the only system in the world that takes the most important aspects of online business… and teaches you the skills you need to leverage in order to build, grow, and scale fast.

And if you want a solid community of people like you to support your every move… answer your questions… take you into the right direction as you’re proceeding on your path…

The 7-Step Affiliate Marketing Formula and its fast-action bonuses are for you:

Now, you may wonder how much you’ll need to invest to get Affilify’s full support… and get us to walk you through all 7 steps.

After all, I’ve invested over $200,000 dollars in various masterminds, high level business coaching, and events to learn what I now know.

And high-level video courses on topics such as:

High-Ticket Affiliate Marketing...

Hypnotic Storytelling...

Sales Funnels…

Success Mindset...

Facebook Advertising...

Instagram Advertising…

and Email Marketing…

All can cost anywhere between $500 dollars to $2,000 dollars, depending on where you get your training from.

But let’s be real conservative and say you can learn all about our 7 core topics for $250 dollars each.

That’d require an investment of $1,750 dollars from you.

But that’s NOT what we’re going to charge you for our 7-Step Affiliate Marketing Formula video training.

In fact, when you decide to join us today, you’ll get our 7-step video course that helps you master all 7 topics mentioned…

You’ll only invest a ridiculously low $37 dollars.

You’ve heard that right.

We’re practically giving away the nuts and bolts of this 7-step process and there is a good reason for that!

It’s because when you complete your training… use what you’ve learned… and build a profitable business… or add an amazing new income stream to an existing business…

Then you’ll become part of the Affilify Inner Circle…

And you’ll get to attend our yearly exclusive events for this small but impressive group of super affiliates we’re proud to call our friends.

But we can only get you there if we help you succeed first.

So not only we’re going to give you the full training of our 7-Step Affiliate Marketing Formula… through a hiqh-quality video learning experience.

When you take action right now… you’ll also get these fast-action bonuses…

A full month of 1-on-1 coaching from Affilify: you’ll get your own coach to follow your progress and keep you on track as you proceed through the 7 steps. Accountability, personalized advice, and quick answers to your questions will be all a given.

Invitation to our exclusive community of successful entrepreneurs: Here’s where the business-building takes place. We trade tips, share insights, and write valuable posts to our secret Facebook Group.

Hands On Help With Outsourcing: When you’ve built your new business or income stream, you’ll want to hire freelancers to free up your time and keep things going. We will give you recommendations on proven help who won’t let you down.

And again, you’ll get all that included for free when you decide to join us today.

That means right now, you have a decision to make…

You can decide to close this page now and do nothing with what you’ve learned. This means your life won’t change in any way. You won’t build a brand new business that supports your dreams… and you won’t add an easy-to-build income stream to an existing business.

But it’s still a choice…

On the other hand,

You can decide to TAKE ACTION.

That leads us to 2 new, but very different paths…

You can walk through the 7-steps on your own.

To do that, you don’t need to invest anything right away. You can read this letter again, take notes on what the 7 steps are… and do your own research. Try to figure out your own system.

Eventually, this path will lead you down to success… but it’s going to cost you both money and time. Because you’ll have to do your research and go through numerous trials and errors before finding the way.

You’re also likely to waste a LOT of money on advertising if you follow this path. That’s because even though the platforms I told you about can be extremely profitable… they’re NOT newbie-friendly at all.

In fact, they’re designed to make you pay for your mistakes while you learn.
That is, if you even last that long trying to do everything on your own.

But fear not, because you have a third choice…

You can invest a small amount into The 7-Step Affiliate Marketing Formula and get our in-depth video course along with your fast action bonuses.

When you do that, it’s like taking a shortcut towards your success.

You’ll get all our proven process laid out for you… every advertising secret we’ve spent years and thousands of dollars to discover.

And you’ll get our full support in building, growing, and scaling your business.
If you think like an entrepreneur, and value your time as well as your capital… you’ll see how this would be a smart investment.

The only thing is, you’ll have to decide today.

Because we can’t offer your fast-action bonuses forever. Our coaches have limited availability. We’d rather have them spend their valuable time with customers who already made up their minds.

So if you want to do this, you must act today and join us by clicking the big button on the bottom of the screen.

It’s going to take you to a secure order page where you can request our training.

We’ll hook you up with your free bonuses via email once you join.

But only when you act today and click the button below.

Do it now as this letter is about to end.

I’m counting on you so you’ll make the right decision and take action towards your goals. Because as the time passes, you’ll regret it if you didn’t do anything to get closer to your dream life.

Every month, every week, every day there’s a new person deciding to finally take action and work towards their goals.

Every month, there’s a new success story who creates a thriving business thanks to High-Ticket Affiliate Marketing.

Those results are NOT typical… but neither is taking action.

So ask yourself: Are you an action taker?

And if you are, could your story be the next success story?

Go ahead and find out by taking our 7-Step Affiliate Marketing Formula and your fast-action bonuses today.

I’ll see you on the other side!

Step 1

6 min 45 sec

To sell high-ticket affiliate offers… Without having to bother with fulfillment, stress about margins, employees, or a huge monthly overhead. With this formula, you’ll avoid the most common problems that keep regular business owners awake at night… and you’ll jump straight to growing a business with high margins, low risk, and almost zero start-up capital. It’s the only system in the world that takes the most important aspects of online business… and teaches you the skills you need to leverage in order to  build, grow, and scale fast. And if you want a solid community of people like you to support your every move… answer your questions… take you into the right direction as you’re proceeding on your path...

Free Strategy Session
9 questions

Stop wasting time & money trying to figure everything out on your own. Learn from super affiliates how to unlock the full earning potential of YOUR business.

Insider Look At Affiliate Marketing
36 min 33 sec

Step 1: Is all about laying down the foundations of a solid online business. You must become familiar with the internet marketing scene and the different products you can market as an affiliate. Believe it or not, following the exact same strategy can lead to very different outcomes depending on what you’re selling. That’s why I recommend you stick to digital and information products, where the margins are high thanks to low production costs and overhead. And where people LOVE to spend money because of the huge added value they receive with their purchase. And if you want to know the exact offers I recommend you promote, stick with me because you’ll get to see them soon. To complete Step 1, you’ll also learn about ways to increase your income with affiliate marketing, tracking sales, and breaking into the world of high-ticket affiliates.

Test Your Knowledge (Step 1)
5 questions

Answering questions directly helps you learn faster. Taking a quiz or test gives your brain retrieval practice, which helps you retrieve it again when you need it!

Step 2

How To Promote Your Affiliate Offers
34 min 35 sec

Step 2: Discover the secrets of promoting your affiliate offers. It’s an open secret among super affiliates that the biggest contributor to your success will be your ability to master digital marketing. That’s why your second step is all about learning to promote. For that, we follow a field-tested process that starts with defining your audience and doing some “detective work” to really get to know them. Once you know who you’re promoting to and what they’re thinking… You’ll be able to develop a story that attracts your perfect customers. At this point, we’re not yet talking about ads or campaigns. For now, it’s all about the story you’ll tell in those ads and campaigns later on. Because every successful business is based on a story that resonates with an audience. During the 7-Step Affiliate Marketing Formula, we’ll follow a proven framework to develop YOUR story. Then you’ll learn how to put your story into consumable bits and get it delivered through a well-oiled, automated machine we call Sales Funnels. The sales funnel is the buying process you must lead your customers through until they`re ready to buy your high-ticket offers. They’re the automated “marketing agents” of your business.

Test Your Knowledge (Step 2)
5 questions

Answering questions directly helps you learn faster. Taking a quiz or test gives your brain retrieval practice, which helps you retrieve it again when you need it!

Step 3

Key Factors That will Determine Your Success
33 min 07 sec

Step 3: Helps you take action by giving you the right mindset. Because KNOWING what to do… and actually DOING IT is two very different challenges you must conquer. I’ve personally spent over $200,000 dollars to work on myself through events, masterminds, and seminars and I want to share what I’ve learned with you. To become a success, you must work on your mindset and get rid of your limiting beliefs. This isn’t anything “woo-woo” but actual, practical advice on how to think and act like the most successful people in business do. You have to model the successful people you want to be like. If you stick with me, I’ll show you exactly how to do that and take MASSIVE action on what you’ll learn.

Test Your Knowledge (Step 3)
7 questions

Answering questions directly helps you learn faster. Taking a quiz or test gives your brain retrieval practice, which helps you retrieve it again when you need it!

Step 4

How To Market Your Offers On Facebook
45 min 18 sec

Step 4: Everything You Need To Know About Facebook Marketing… From setting up your Facebook Ad Account, to cutting your ad spend in half while improving the results... I want to show you everything in Facebook marketing. It’s one of the most powerful platforms in modern online advertising. What’s more, you can set up Facebook’s pixel in under 5 minutes… and use it to create retargeting campaigns that will be like steroids to your business growth. With the right set-up, it’s only a matter of time you’ll be able to scale your business. That’s why I’ll also show you the 3 ways you can scale - horizontally, vertically, and spherically. Few people master all 3, yet they’re equally important.

Test Your Knowledge (Step 4)
4 questions

Answering questions directly helps you learn faster. Taking a quiz or test gives your brain retrieval practice, which helps you retrieve it again when you need it!

Step 5

How To Market Your Offers On Instagram
43 min 11 sec

Step 5: You’ll expand your traffic portfolio through Instagram Marketing. It’s the perfect platform to boost brand awareness, get qualified leads, and drive sales. We’ll hold your hands from learning the basics of Instagram… to more advanced content strategy and advertising practices. You’ll see why it’s the easiest platform to gain a following on thanks to influencers.

Test Your Knowledge (Step 5)
3 questions

Answering questions directly helps you learn faster. Taking a quiz or test gives your brain retrieval practice, which helps you retrieve it again when you need it!

Step 6

How To Increase Your Sales With Email Marketing
40 min 28 sec

Step 6: Increase Your Sales With Email Marketing. It’s no wonder they say that the fortune is in the follow-up. On average, it takes people about 8 points of contact before they decide to buy from a new company. That’s why mastering email is crucial. It’s the best free way of keeping in touch with your audience. And you’ll learn how to best use it, even if you suck at writing.

Test Your Knowledge (Step 6)
4 questions

Answering questions directly helps you learn faster. Taking a quiz or test gives your brain retrieval practice, which helps you retrieve it again when you need it!

Step 7

How To Become A Super Affiliate
16 min 49 sec

Step 7: Finally, we’ll transform you into a super affiliate! If you’ve followed the steps so far, this last step will be as easy as it gets. It’s all about keeping you accountable, get you to take action, and act in line with your new self… A super affiliate business owner who’s ready to live their dream lifestyle.

Test Your Knowledge (Step 7)
3 questions

Answering questions directly helps you learn faster. Taking a quiz or test gives your brain retrieval practice, which helps you retrieve it again when you need it!

7 Step Affiliate Marketing Formula is all about showing you how to Start, Grow and Scale Your Online Business Even if You’re a complete Newbie. High Ticket Affiliate Marketing is something that usually takes years to learn and master. Most who try it, fail. But with this program, you’ll learn the basics of affiliate marketing from Silvia`s experience and what she`s doing successfully every single day.
No. However, there will there be resources and tools strongly recommended that you get along the way to help maximize your results. The fact is, this is a real business, with real overheads. Our goal will be to get you result as soon as possible.
YES we`ll assign you to a coach based on your time zone, and that coach will be working with you 1-on-1 making sure you fully understand the lessons and helping prepare you for when you’re ready to begin marketing.
No, is completely FREE and there is no charge to join our Affiliate Program.
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