Dubai Traffic Summit

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Enrolled: 10 students
Duration: 3 Days
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Level: Intermediate

About Dubai Traffic Summit

Discover the Traffic and Conversion Secrets of some of the World’s Highest Paid Affiliate Marketers, in the World’s Tallest Building…

This 3-Day Event will be Your Extravagant Vacation in the Futuristic City of Dubai, while You learn the secrets of Super Affiliates.

A Marketing Event You’ll Remember For A Lifetime, Hosted in The World’s Tallest Building.

The Dubai Traffic Summit is a 3-day summit hosted in the Armani Hotel Dubai, Burj Khalifa the most luxurious 5* hotel in the world…

Dear Affiliate Marketer

You may have heard about people making a killing online with affiliate marketing, but never known how (or if) you could do the same.

Or perhaps you’re already in the game, making consistent 5 or even 6 figures a month promoting different offers.

Either way, this invitation is for you.

The Dubai Traffic Summit is a 3 day intensive summit where you’ll be guided by talented and highly paid affiliate marketing leaders on how to set up new campaigns from scratch, and scale them to impressive monthly sales.

A Marketing Event unlike any other

Allow me to show you what you can expect…

Imagine… you’re sitting in a 4WD car, driving across the red sand dunes of Dubai, doing over 90 mph.

Music is playing, you drum your fingers along the rhythm as you take in the scene. The sun sets over the desert sands… and you’re dashing through dunes.

Your heart beats just a little bit faster from the adrenalin, but you smile knowing you’re safe. Your driver knows exactly what he’s doing and where he needs to take you.

Soon, your car arrives at the Armani Hotel in the Burj Khalifa, leading a caravan of other successful marketers.

You’re now at the foot of the world’s tallest building.

An inspiring sight…

You and your newly found friends of super affiliates came here to get on the top floor!

The sight is breathtaking.

Suddenly, you feel lighter…

From where you’re standing, surrounded by the most influential affiliates of our time, you realize that something’s missing…

You’re no longer anxious.

For the first time after all these years, you’re no longer worried about business…

Traffic problems, policy changes, CPC’s rising, funnels not converting… all these problems seem so small and far away from the top of the world.

For the first time in your life, you feel like you’ve got it all figured out and under control.

And you’ll have it all, in a while.

Because you’ve arrived to the most exclusive marketing event in the world…

The Dubai Traffic Summit.

You won’t even want to go home.

It’s hard to put into words why but this exclusive summit?

It’s Like an Epic Adventure mixed with the Most Significant Events of Your Life.

You’ll not only enjoy 3 days in the world’s most luxurious location… With plenty of fine-dining, exclusive experiences, and exciting activities…

Although, you’ll have your fair share of all those.

But you’ll also meet top marketing minds and get to peak behind the curtains of their businesses.

You’ll hear them spill their traffic secrets… how they build funnels… and what principles they live and work by.

You’ll see exactly what’s working for them RIGHT NOW.

Plus they’ll reveal what they’re planning to do this year and the next.

And who knows what great deals you’ll be able to make once you all get to know to each other…

If you’re an affiliate marketer who’s got skin in the game and you want to keep up to date with what’s going around you, The Dubai Traffic Summit is for you.

In short, this trip could easily be one of the main defining experiences of your life!

An adventure you’ll LOVE to tell the story of, whenever friends and family ask you how you’ve made it.

Here are just a few of the topics covered...

Traffic Secrets for 2019 & Beyond

Staying up to date with changes in traffic best practices is half the battle as a 6- and 7-figure super affiliate. You’ll see what’s working for us right now and guide you through our lead generation process.

Building Your Marketing Funnel

If you’re looking for simple tweaks you can implement today to boost conversions by tomorrow, this is your topic. The funnel-building tactics you’ll see are responsible for millions in revenue. Plus funnels this good will also save you from much of the headaches that come with paying for traffic.

Today’s Social Media Reality

The future is social. No matter how much platforms try to limit organic growth, there are still proven ways to stand out and become viral. You’ll explore what it takes to build your brand on social media without paid ads.

The 80/20 of Online Marketing

Calling these success principles “fundamentals” wouldn’t do them justice. You’ll discover up-to-date strategies so you can work much less while making more… Without spending a lot on salaries or getting tied up in the day to day of your business.

Building a Profitable Selling Machine LIVE

Let’s put our lessons into action and see how a super profitable selling machine is built together. No more time-consuming sales calls and overpaid customer support. Learn to convert more effortlessly by using AI technology.

Recap: Let’s Redesign Your Marketing Strategy

We won’t let you leave the summit with just a handful of notes and new connections. We’ll design your plan of action to get your marketing strategy ready for 2019 and beyond.

The Dubai Traffic Summit Event Schedule

Day 1: Building Your High-Converting Affiliate Marketing Funnels

Discover your perfect niche and the offers you can promote for great commissions

Master finding the most profitable offers on the best affiliate marketing networks. So you can always promote the latest best-sellers to your audience

Learn to access “closed affiliate programs” in almost any niche. This is how you can earn 4-figure commissions on a single sale

Take our funnel building best-practices and construct the perfect funnel for your niche

Develop a vision to identify the elements of a high-converting landing page. And learn to recognize what makes great funnels (and what ruins them!)

Uncover the best email software and learn little-known secrets of writing promotional emails

Watch us create the kind of lead-capture LIVE that’s been responsible for my $20,000/month sales

ACTION STEP: Get free access to the world’s best funnel-building software. Take action on what you’ve learned and create your new funnel. The best funnels win a secret prize the next morning!

And all that work is going to be TAKEN CARE OF before the afternoon of your first day in Dubai…

We’ll finish the day by going on an awesome Desert Safari to celebrate your progress!

Day 2: Scale With Future-Proof Paid Traffic Campaigns

Get your audience into the funnel you’ve built on Day 1 through paid traffic…

Learn the best kept paid ads secrets of Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Google Ads to maximize profits and make your business future-proof

Follow us on a step-by-step journey to build an active audience of likely buyers on Instagram for FREE

Discover a little-known but extremely powerful traffic-source you can deploy in a day. And drive hundreds of proven buyers to your funnel.

Peak behind the scenes and copy the same traffic strategies that are working for us right now.

ACTION STEP: Place your first ad to your new funnel so you’ll start getting traffic right away

Then later that afternoon…We’re going to the top of the world!

On the top floor of the world’s tallest building, you’ll witness a view people fly in from all around the world to see. (You’ll be 828 meters high!)
We’ll finish day 2 with a lake ride right next to the famous Dubai Mall. You’ll have plenty of
photo opportunities to build your personal brand on social media.

Day 3: Unlock The Follow Up Fortune

More than half the money in every affiliate marketing business comes from the follow-ups. That’s why you’ll need the latest strategies to deploy when it comes to Email Marketing:

Discover how more than half of the biggest businesses revenue comes from follow-ups.

Learn the ins and outs of email marketing. From picking your software to telling engaging stories that get people to buy and buy again.

Watch us write an email we can send to our list and make sales. LIVE with audience participation. And learn what makes it so good.

Create your own high-ticket offers or learn to leverage someone else’s (with 5+ offer types to choose from!)

Hire your phone sales team and get them the scripts to close high-ticket deals. Thanks to the power of positioning.

Dominate social media with daily video content creation your audience will LOVE. Follow the proven recipe of niche-celebrities like Tai Lopez, Gary Vaynerchuk, or Grant Cardone.

Watch us create and promote a new video from scratch based on a topic you’ll give us.

ACTION STEP: Write your initial “welcome” email series and create a quick video offering your high-ticket program.

At the end of the three days you’ll go home with plenty of great industry connections… a fully functional sales funnel... and a blueprint to scale your affiliate marketing business. This will be the experience of a lifetime that you’ll never forget.

Your Ticket Includes

3-days of expert presentations about all important aspects of business. From the fundamentals of building a new business to running traffic and getting conversions.

Networking and mastermind opportunities with like-minded entrepreneurs and super affiliates from all over the world

Access to my unique customer acquisition process, the Get/Leverage Affiliate Program

Great photo and video opportunities for your personal brand in the city that's the set for Hollywood Films (Mission Impossible, Star Wars, Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps were all shot here!)

A Dubai Desert Safari where you’ll experience what it’s like to dash through dunes and enjoy a sunset view you’ve never seen before

Getting to the top of the world by visiting the top of Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building

An enchanting night-ride at Dubai’s Fountain Lake

5* Business Lunch: have lunch in the 5-star Armani hotel with super affiliates and make smart friends who’ll help you on your journey

And more, much more...

Under-the-Radar Internet Marketers now in the spotlight for the first time to share their 6- & 7-Figure Secrets

WARNING: This Event is NOT for Everybody

Everyone wants to mingle with top players in exotic locations, but this summit is NOT for everybody. We designed The Dubai Traffic Summit to be an exclusive summit for just a few dozen attendees.

That means we can’t let everybody join who reads this page… There’s thousands of you and only around 18 tickets left for sale.

We want participants to part ways having made powerful connections with ambitious people. We want you to share amazing ideas and make friends with likeminded people.

An event like this can only achieve that if there aren’t hundreds of attendees running around, trying to figure out who’s who.

So if you want to get your business to the next level while engaging in exciting activities at top locations…

And make great connections with a few dozen likeminded people?

Go ahead and register today for the best 3-day traffic summit you’ve ever attended…

And do it quickly, because tickets are rapidly running out…

See you in Dubai,

Silvia Galati

P.S.: Since this is an exclusive event for top affiliates, seats are limited to just 18 spots.

P.P.S.: Remember, The Dubai Traffic Summit is a once in a lifetime opportunity to develop a future-proof marketing strategy for your business, make powerful connections, and have a lot of fun at a luxurious location at the same time.

PLUS… You get a free blueprinting session where you can put to action all the new things you’ve learned. In short, you will get everything you need to create a lifestyle for yourself that few people dare.

Register Today while You still can!

Due to the exclusive nature of this event, spots are extremely limited. Hurry and get your ticket today before we run out of seats.

Only 18 Spots Available!

Recording of past events

Registration starts from 8:30AM, the event is happening according to the Announcement tab in Dubai, UAE.
The event will be hosted at the Armani Hotel Dubai, Burj Khalifa one of the most luxurious 5* hotel in the world.
Fly into Dubai International Airport (DXB). It`s 15 minutes from the event venue.
Yes, if you have (or want to have) a successful High Ticket Affiliate Marketing business, while engaging in exciting activities at top locations... then this LIVE event is for you!
Because of our VERY limited seating (only 18 spot), every person must purchase a ticket to get into the event. You can bring A Friend/Guest/Spouse/Partner For Just $2997+$1,000! You’ll get TWO tickets instead of one to the whole event. That means you’ll be able to bring a friend or family member for a fraction of the price and potentially change their lives!
The dress code is business casual for the event. Our meeting room WILL be on the cool side, so plan accordingly and bring an additional sweater, wrap, or jacket.
Contact or call our customer support.

Upcoming event:

  • 27th, 28th, 29th September 2019
  • 22nd, 23rd, 24th November 2019

Past event:

  • 5th, 6th, 7th April 2019

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