Silvia's Story

My name is Silvia Galati.

I grew up in Milan, Italy and we had a very conservative life growing up. My father was a laborer and my mother a housewife. The only thing they could give me and my brother was a good lesson about working hard, doing your best to save where you can, get educated, and a good corporate job in the city.

My family were proud of me. From the outside, I looked like the symbol of success. I had a good comfortable job that pays the bills inside a fancy building.

That embarked me on a quest that transformed my life…

In Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad Poor Dad book, he shares the story of how his father taught him important lessons about life but it was the lessons of his rich dad, the son of a friend, that changed his life and turned him into the global Icon he’d become.

At that time, the most successful person I knew was my boss. He was a self made man who started with nothing and built a multi-million dollar business. I wanted to learn the business principles and the mindset required to build a business that makes an impact, not just money.


This is actually me working at my desk in Milan

My boss became my “Rich Dad”. He taught me about entrepreneurship, money, and developing a success mindset.

The day that changed everything…

There is a saying ”Grow your network to increase your net worth”. During my honeymoon in 2015, a friend of my boss invited us to spend the day in his private beach in Key Biscayne. There were many other guests at this event… we’ve never seen so many millionaires in one place. Naturally, we asked what they did and found out that all of them had their own businesses.

However, getting there wasn’t easy. Each of them told us their story of how they became so successful and all of them had one thing in common: Persistence.

They failed over and over again, but they stuck to their guns and found a way. That’s what entrepreneurship is all about… finding a way when the road to success gets difficult. Finding solutions when everyone else is out of answers.

That’s how these guys became wealthy. They didn’t let fear and failure stop them from achieving their goals and dreams.

It’s obvious now but at that moment, I wasn’t able to imagine myself as an entrepreneur. I was too afraid to fail and face the embarrassment.

To be safe, I stayed at a 9-5 JOB just because it was the safe way out. Even though I knew deep down inside I’ll never have the money and time freedom I want because…

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Private beach in Key Biscayne

I didn’t own my own business.

However, my mind wouldn’t stop making me relive the people and the conversations my husband Fabio and I had with my bosses friends at the Island.

What really opened my eyes wasn’t just the amount of money the people we met were making… it was with the ease they were making it and quality of life and freedom they were enjoying.

I made a commitment that day that “I’ll do whatever it takes to start and succeed at my own business”.

And that commitment was put to the test immediately during our honeymoon in Miami when we got an invitation to a local workshop. I told my husband Fabio and he suggested we check it out.

That’s the first time I saw a room full of people who wanted to transform their life. It’s where it all started, that event.

I could’ve stayed home that day. I couldn’t ignored the invitation to the free workshop, especially since it was in the middle of our honeymoon. I didn’t. I was committed… and that one decision paved the way to being my “Own Boss”.

That’s how I stumbled into High Ticket Affiliate Marketing.

We witnessed a room full of people from different age groups, backgrounds, and professions, all united to escape the 9-5 and invest in their future.

I felt I belonged. At that moment, I knew this was my new home and I was going to build it bigger and better than anything I’ve built before.

Fail Forward

Most people think starting a business has to cost an arm and a leg.

They’ll take out a loan, hire employees, and get themselves in massive debt before even making a single sale.

I figured since I can start with an investment so small I’d hardly feel it while at the same time I get to make leverage on someone else’s products and sales process to accelerate my journey to success.

Easier Said Than Done.

I failed at my first 7 attempts at making affiliate marketing work.

First I started selling products to my friends and family as a Network Marketer (MLM). All that did was take me off the invitation list to many gatherings. The only people I was able to sell to were my parents and they only got the products because they felt sorry for me.

Then I started blogging… after months of writing, we made $1,000. That wasn’t going to give us the freedom lifestyle we were hoping for.

I’ve tried selling everything under the sun as an affiliate marketer and all I kept succeeding at was burning through money and feeling embarrassed about my failures.

Everything changed however once I discovered…

High Ticket Affiliate Marketing.

High Ticket Affiliate Marketing

It wasn’t easy but through hard work, dedication, and finding the RIGHT formula… it happened. I went from a struggling affiliate to getting results.

I didn’t even know what I was doing at first… I was still a newbie, didn’t know how to set up a simple 2-step website, had ZERO employees, no list …heck, I didn’t even speak proper English.

In addition to that, my husband Fabio was traveling to Dubai often to focus on his real estate business. I didn’t want to just rely on him… I wanted to build something of my own. I didn’t want to spend my life as a housewife… nothing wrong with that, but it just wasn’t for me.

I remember getting my first commission check as an affiliate marketer… a whopping $7. I know that’s not enough to even buy you a McDonald’s… but I was very happy that I was able to generate this money as the owner of my own business (and not from a 9-5 job).

And despite all these shortcomings early on in the business, I was still getting nice, high ticket commissions weekly.

You don’t need much sales to have a very good week of business as a high ticket affiliate marketer.


I’m talking about high ticket commissions that helped me lead an ideal lifestyle…

Realizing I was onto something BIG with affiliate marketing, I quit my job in October 2017 and we moved to Dubai… Our dream place to live.

silvia casa-9459

Not long after that, I’ve written a book and started to build an audience who resonated with my message and wanted to learn more about how I was building a successful business quickly, even though I was still fairly new in the business at the time.

I started doing workshops as an affiliate where I presented other peoples products and my own mastermind. That’s how I finally hit my first million dollars in sales. It felt incredible.

I could’ve still been working at a 9-5 job had I let fear keep me away from my dream of starting my own business as it does to so many people. I didn’t.

It was difficult at first but I kept trying and working hard until I reached ONE MILLION DOLLARS in sales. It truly was one of the proudest moments of my life… not because of the money (although million dollars isn’t bad 🙂 …bu there’s a more beautiful feeling when you set a goal for yourself and you commit to see it achieved.

We decided to explore the world more… we traveled to <Insert coutriest here>, and we made the decision to live in Dubai and we got a residence in the most luxurious properties in Dubai located inside the tallest tower in the world, Burj Khalifa.


Once sales started coming in consistently and my bank account kept growing… people took notice.

I was being invited to speak at other people’s events and I was being recognized in front of 3,500+ people. Naturally, people started to ask me for my help.

At first, it felt a little different. It’s one thing when you are doing your own business and making sales. When someone else wants to pay you for your help, it’s a big responsibility. A responsibility that was important to me because I knew how I felt when I first started… confused, scared, overwhelmed. This is exactly how the new people just entering the market were feeling too.

I wanted to help them.

I spent days and nights turning my entire affiliate marketing knowledge into systems and processes that anyone could use to accelerate their success.

How I find products to promote, my traffic plan, how I convert traffic into sales, how I built my list… everything.

This is how Affilify was born.

I started to invest money learning from the BEST marketers around the world. My business was growing faster than I ever imagined and that allowed me to continue to refine the processes that also helped my students succeed in their businesses.

They were getting a roadmap they could follow from start to finish that would give them an affiliate business (and lifestyle) that made them extremely happy.

The Affilify Start-up and Dubai Traffic Summit

There are many components that go into building a successful affiliate marketing business.

What we quickly realized is to learn them all, you have to go through multiple sources. When I first started affiliate marketing, I was running around in too many different directions trying to find things I needed to succeed in my business. Traffic, conversion, tech needs, tools, mentors… everything was in a different place.

Our objective for Affilify was to make it the ONE PLACE where affiliates can find everything they need to start, grow, and scale their business.

At our Affilify Start-Up is an online video course that teaches you the building blocks of affiliate marketing. This course doesn’t cut any corners when it comes to delivering value… it’s hailed as a roadmap that shows you where to start your journey as an affiliate and all the steps you have to follow to build the business you want. also provides LIVE events where you meet and rub shoulders with other affiliates and Affilify’s team of experts in a setting that teaches you everything about affiliate marketing, in a step by step format, giving you all the strategies you need to succeed as an affiliate marketer all under one place.

Traffic generation, conversion, a marketplace with hundreds of qualify offers you can promote, affiliates ready to promote your products, training from top marketing and business experts, live events and masterminds… Affilify has it all.

What’s Next

I started my affiliate marketing business because I wanted to build a good business and life for myself. What I quickly realized however is that to succeed long term in anything you need to have a BIG WHY. A purpose.

That purpose is today is to help 10,000 people start their own successful affiliate marketing business and quit their job (if they want) in the next 5 years.

I love seeing my students succeed. I love hearing stories of how they’ve overcome doubt, fear, and failure with the training and support they’ve received inside Affilify.

We celebrate with our students who reach 6 or 7 figures by flying them out to Dubai, paying for their accommodations, and give them a taste of some of the top luxury places Dubai has to offer. Whether we’re its dinners at a 5 star restaurant, touring the city by land and sea, or dancing the night away… you’ll be recognized for your hard work in celebration with other successful students.

Affilify is not here to be another Affiliate marketing platform. It’s here to Revolutionise it. We believe this is a NEW ERA and we’d love to see you grow with us inside this unique community.


Last Updated on July 16th, 2019

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